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If you think you have what it takes to protect valuable merchandise, keep people safe, and stay vigilant no matter the hour then you may be a good fit for our company.

All our security guards are Punctual, Particular, and Professional. They are always alert, well dressed, and able to follow directions in order to suit the needs of our clients. There are specific requirements that must be met before the hiring process begins.

What you need:

  • New Jersey S.O.R.A. License
  • Valid Drivers License
  • Vehicle registered in your name
  • Security experience or military background
  • Proficient in computer skills (internet and email navigation)

If you meet the above, send your resume to:

      info@gocobrasecurity.com or fax: 732-797-1501


Apply Online - COMING SOON!

83 Irons St. | Suite 10

Toms River New Jersey, NJ 08753 | USA

T: +1 732 797 1500
F: +1 732 797 1501

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At COBRA, we value our employees.  We appreciate their dedication, loyalty and they are family.   


At COBRA, we value our employees because we know they work days, nights, weekends and holidays 24/7 for us.


And we appreciate it!


                                                 The COBRA Management Team  





How to get SORA CERTIFIED in three easy steps:


1. Click HERE to register with the NJ State Police. (Opens in a new window) Print your temporary certificate, and keep the certificatewith you whenever you work. The temporary certificate allows you to work immediately and is good for 30 days. You will also be able to print your fingerprint form. The state charges $75 for this. Renewals are charged $82.55


2. ​Click HERE to set up fingerprinting. (Opens in a new window, Not required for renewals) Get your fingerprinting form from step 1 and schedule your fingerprinting appointment. Morphotrak charges $67.50. YOU CAN GET FINGERPRINTED UP TO 30 DAYS AFTER TAKING OUR SORA CLASS!


3. Register for your training class. Register for either initial or renewal SORA training using the boxes below. Bring your APP number from the state police and cash ($125 initial, $75 renewal) with you the day of the class.COBRA

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